C O P P E R    P L U M B I N G

Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

  • Low Cost
  • Durability
  • Leak Proof
  • Easy Installation
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Involves no maintenance
  • Healthy & Environment Friendly

The only way to stop leaking water from spoiling your beautiful walls, by

installing a leak proof plumbing system. We are being a distributor of MEHTA

TUBES - IBP CONNEX UK that brings copper plumbing to your Door Step.

Both manufacturer are business partner of INTERNATIONAL COPPER

PROMOTION COUNCIL (INDIA) USA for Copper Plumbing Project.

Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.



Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Leak Proof

There are no threads on Copper Pipes. The pipes are joined together by soldering or brazing, making them 100% leak-proof. What's more, Copper Pipes can handle extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for usage across the country.

Low Cost. Easy Installation

Copper is not as expensive as considered. Total installation system costs and the proven longevity of a copper system ensures complete value for money. The maintenance cost is negligible and because of durability/. A well installed Copper Plumbing System is durable and lasts for upto 50 years. Besides, Copper Pipes Guarangtees you hi-purity Copper for long life.

Healthy & Enviroment

Copper acts as an effective anti-pathogen, killing or inhibiting growth of bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungus & other health-threatening, water born organisms like E.Coil.

Medical Gas Piping

Copper Pipes for Medical Gas Piping are purpose built for Medical usage. The high Pressure with standing capacity, corrosion resistence, durability and ease of installation Copper Pipes makes it obvious choice. Copper Pipes have a proven track record and meet the Various standards across the world for medical gas applications.
After all. people around the developed world enjoy the benefits fo Copper Plumbing. Discovered millions of years ago, copper is a versatile metal and can withstand varied temperature conditions and highwater pressures, without springing leaks. Now copper pipes and fittings have become the preeminet plumbing and heating materials in various countries of the world.

Mokshi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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